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2015 Challenge Cup Points, Final
updated 11-09-15

2015 Challenge Cup PAX Points, Final
updated 11-09-15

Porsche Club Season Results

Porsche Club Season Points

We are excited to announce that Equipe Rapide will be administering the Maverick Region, Porsche Club of America, (PCA), autocross series for 2015.

How will this effect you? The PCA class structure and points will be available at Equipe Rapide regularly scheduled events. The logistical challenges of registration, securing event sites, insurance, equipment, course design will all be provided by Equipe Rapide.

For Equipe Rapide participants there will be some new cars and people to get to know and appreciate. PCA folks will enjoy a full 10 event schedule and Rapide PAX payout.

The PCA Time Trials are still going to happen but Equipe Rapide will not be administering them.

2015 Tire Index Class

Equipe Rapide has reinstated our popular Tire index class. If you are in Street, CAM, MAM, or ST class then you will be allowed to use tires with UTQG as low as 140. Additionally, anyone may participate in Tire index class using tires that are legal for their class.

An example would be that R-Comps are allowed in Tire D-Street Prepared and slicks are allowed in Tire E-Modified.

T-Index Class - Not tire specific anymore. Equipe Rapide is now allowing 140 UTQG ratings in all classes. The T class is still available as an indexed class for the group who wants direct competition in a large class. There will be no separate payout for T class and all classes will be eligible for Rapide PAX.

 Next Event
The 2015 autocross season is finished. Look for our 2016 Challenge Cup event calendar soon.

 Tire Contingency

Discount Tire will be sponsoring ER events this year. You could win tires such as Falken, Hoosier or Yokohama. To qualify click the link below and follow the instructions. A competitor can only win one set of tires from Discount Tire per year regardless of which club's raffle they entered.

Click Here for Details and Registration form

Discount Tire
Yokohama Tires
Hoosier Tires
Falken Tires
 Novice Program
Equipe Rapide looks forward to introducing you to the sport of autocrossing. The Novice Program is intended for people with little or no autocross experience. Our program includes a course walk with a National Champion caliber instructor. The instructor will provide tips and suggestions on the best way to plan and remember the course. During the drivers meeting a short review will be provided on how to do your work assignment. Read more...

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