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Tire Contingency Program

Todd Eaddy and Discount Tire will be sponsoring SCCA events again this year by giving away FREE TIRES!


Hoosier – buy 2, get 2 free
Kumho – four free
Yokohama – four free up to $500 retail value

Falken - Four free


For each event that you use Kumho, Falken, Hoosier or Yokohama tires, you can enter the drawing for FREE tires to be given away at the end of the year.


All you have to do to qualify is put the correct Falken, Kumho, Hoosier, or Yokohama decals and Discount Tire decals on both sides of your car, sign up at the Discount Tire Tire Contingency Program Entry/Inspection area before the event starts, run with these decal on your car and YOU might win FREE tires at the end of the season! Decals are available at tech inspection.


Your tires and decals will be checked and you’ll be given a card to fill out to put in the drawing box for your brand of tires.


Fill in your name, date, tire brand and phone # and drop in the correct box.


Discount Tire Tire Contingency Inspection/Entry will be "open" when Tech inspection is open.


One entry per driver per event.


Once the tech inspection is closed, no further entries will be issued or accepted for that event under any circumstance.


You cannot fill in a card for a previous event.


The club will have a drawing at the last event to determine the winners.


You may only win once per year even if your name is drawn more than once or for different tire brands. **Winners must have proof of purchase of specified tire purchased thru Discount Tire.


Tires will be awarded at the end of the year as per Todd Eaddy’s agreement(s) with each participating tire manufacturer.


Tires must be ordered from Todd Eaddy to be received by December 15 in the same year you win them.


Show your support for and thanks to Todd Eaddy and Discount Tire by buying your racing and street tires from Todd! He is at the Plano store located at: 8700 Ohio Drive Plano TX 75024


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