Course Worker Instructions
The Down / Out Pylon Rule Diagram


  • Make sure you check in with the Chief of Course prior to the beginning of your work shift.

  • Make sure your station has adequate supplies: extra pylons, fire extinguisher, red flag, communication equipment, and any required report forms.

  • The red flag must be kept in hand, held against the leg, and ready for immediate deployment.

  • Make sure you know your area of responsibility and the location of your radio person.

  • Make sure all the cones in your area are in their proper place when you first come on station and periodically check them all during your work shift.

  • Make sure you read and understand the pylon rules, Section 7.9 A, B & C in the Solo rule book. Most places don't count pointer cones if hit.

  • Pay attention to the cars on course for accurate cone counts and your safety.

  • Replace cones as soon as possible - another car will be through in less than a minute.

  • Be prepared for exposure to sun, rain, wind, heat or cold while on station. Note all can happen in the same work heat.


  • Do not use cameras while on a corner station.

  • Do not use cell phones or text messaging while working at corner station.

  • Do not sit down and do not wander away from your post.

  • Do not turn your back to cars on course!

  • Do not red flag a car unless instructed to do so by the radio person OR if it is an emergency. However, if in doubt, safety comes first.

  • Do not litter.

  • Do not pick up hot parts dropped on course because of a risk of burns.

  • Do not pick up moving sticks. (snakes) It does happen.

No Penalty

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